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Non Makeup Post March 6, 2012

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First and foremost I want to say hello to and thank my new subscribers. Also to you old timers who have been with me since the beginning – I truly appreciate your patronage. Today I just achieved an all time high page visit number – I literally squeeled with delight – I love you guys!  I hope to continue to be able to provide you with fun new content frequently – and I hope I am able to continue providing said content without forcing you to watch ads and banners throughout the site. 

I have made some minor changes to the site recently – since I have started to receive some items to review that I have not paid for myself, I realized it was time to really write up a disclosure statement and put one in each post that lists a product – unless it is really obvious that there is no way anyone donated a product like in my Not your mom’s tuna surprise. You can find my discloure statement by navigating in the “About” menu or just click this link: Disclosure Statement

From this addition of disclosure statements to EVERY post I have realized I have come a long way in such a short time – some of those original posts were pretty painful – not that they are perfect now – I will never equal someone like Temptalia purely because this is a hobby, I earn no money though advertising, and I have another full time job which is fairly demanding. The idea of going in and taking/editing thousands of photos like she does just doesn’t sound fun to me. However I will continue to try to improve my blog and provide better posts within reason.

I have also added another two menu items, one for the ASK Nail Challenge, and the other for all of the sample services I subscribe to or receive.

I want to always be as honest as possible with you and will always tell you whether I purchased the product or if it was given to me for review. I will not accept payment to write a reviewe, nor will I ever guarintee a positive review.  If I am sent a product to review, however, I will review it – even if I dislike it.

If you ever have any questions please email me and let me know or send me a tweet. I’m here for you because I want to provide fun information with you.

Thank you for your continued loyalty – Looking forward to writing my next post for you!