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MyFace Cosmetics Blingtone Eyeshadow in “Bellbottom Blues” Review February 23, 2012

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This is the conclusion of my second 6 part series of my new Beauty Army Kit* where I review each of my new samples and their relative value.

Today I’m going to share my opinion of the MyFace Cosmetics Blingtone Eyeshadow in Bellbottom Blues. I picked this as one of my 6 samples (out of my nine options) from the new Beauty Sample Kit, Beauty Army. Since I had gotten one in the last kit SP”ICE”Y I basically knew what I was in for but I was still excited – even though this was a color I didn’t expect to be able to use very much.

Lets start with the packaging. it was a clear plastic case. The packaging is not all that amazing, but it is good enough for its purpose. Now lets compare similar priced product’s packaging, Urban decay has the cute Subway Token, Too Faced has the cute flowers, The Balm has cute tins, and Lancome has the slider tops, this product’s packaging is ok, but not up to those standards.

What about the important part, the product?


From my last experience I learned that  it is best to use it either wet or with a finger over primer so I went straight after that application method.  I told some ladies on Beauty Army’s facebook page who were looking for a more adult way to wear such a vibrant color that they should use it as a thick eyeliner and then put some black liner over it in a thinner line.  It looks lovely this way, but it didn’t photograph well, so in my photo I’ve done a full eye look (I used some colors from one of my urban decay palettes too, but 90% of this look it the MyFace Bellbottom Blues).


This color was just as beautiful as it looks, with a nice royal blue and loads of glitter. I felt like a mermaid. Wearing it this way is far too dramatic for my day to day wear, but it would be fun for a glamorous evening out.

Now that I’ve gotten used to these eyeshadows I have started liking them a lot more. I would still take an Urban Decay to this any day of the week, but I’m not going to turn one of these lovelies down.

Information on sample value

Beauty Army cost/month $12.00
Sample type: Full Size
Sample Size: 0.09 oz
Full Size Size: 0.09 oz
Full size Price: $20.00
Sample Value: $20.00

Edit – I finally managed to get an ok photo of the shadow under a liner like I described – I was playing with wings – so ignore the fact that I have a crazy wing on ….

FTC Disclaimer: Not affiliated with nor compensated by Beauty Army or any of the brands included in the kit. Items purchased by me for my own personal use. For more information please review my disclosure policy.


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  1. zadidoll Says:

    I also choose the Bellbottom Blues and absolutely love it along with Sp’icy from last month. I found these work better for me as an eyeliner (which is why they now suggest it as that) because it’s so glittery. Hopefully next month we get MORE Bling Tones to choose from, I wouldn’t mind it. lol

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