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Shea Terra Organics – Black Soap Facial Cleaner from Beauty Army February 16, 2012

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This is the third part of my 6 part installment on my most recent Beauty Army Kit.

Today I bring you Shea Terra Organics – Black Soap Facial Cleaner.

There have been loads of positive reviews on this facial soap so I was super excited to see how it worked for me.  Did it hold up to all the hype?

Beauty Army’s Site explains the soap “100% Natural. The world’s most effective, amazing face wash! Based on ancient African formula, this wash works like microdermabrasion to get rid of dead skin,even skin tone, firm skin and fight acne. Look younger in just minutes of using.”

How did it really work?

If it looks like mud and smells like mud, then is it mud? Well I’ve been told mud masks are awesome so maybe.

Well first you need to actually read the instructions – because I did not! I used it as a cleanser – you know, wash your face with it. Then I read Nancy’s blog fashionCHICsta which explained that you use it as a mask before washing it off. *palm to forehead* I need to learn to read directions – I’m as bad as a guy trying to build IKEA furniture. Anyway, I had been fairly unhappy with it as a “soap” especially a $18.00 soap, but once I used it appropriately it worked TONS better!

The scent is very earthy – not bad, but the scent is there. It goes on your face like a thick gel – similar to the consistency of the Freeman Cucumber mask. On the left is a photo of the Black Soap on. Don’t I look hot? hahaha. It doesn’t set like a peel-off mask, nor does it dry really. I left it on close to 10 minutes. It did tingle for me a little – Nancy indicated it didn’t for her, but I figure that there was some deep penetration of my skin going on.  When I added a little water it built a tiny lather which was refreshing and nice. After I rinsed it off my skin felt better than ever. It was soft, smooth, supple, great tone, and more!

I immediately put on my eye cream and my facial moisturizer. Then I applied my spot treatment for pimples. That is when I noticed how amazing this black soap really was. My spot treatment stung – apparently my pores had been so clogged that my spot treatment hadn’t had a chance to work very well.

The next day my skin still felt great and looked amazing.

This is, to me, definitely worth every penny it.  As soon as I finish writing this review I am heading over to to order a full size.

How did the sample value measure up?

  • Full Size: 4 oz
  • Full Size Cost: $18.00
  • Sample Size: 1 oz
  • Sample Value: $4.50

If you haven’t headed out to go get it – what are you waiting for – if you aren’t sure, go sign up for the sample kit from and try the sample of it and 5 other samples!

FTC Disclaimer: Not affiliated with nor compensated by Beauty Army or any of the brands included in the kit. Items purchased by me for my own personal use. For more information please review my disclosure policy.