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Fragrances Part 4 February 14, 2012

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Today is part four of my fragrance reviews. You can view my entire order here. What am I reviewing today?


Today will be reviewing Cool Water Summer Dive for Women by Davidoff, Incanto Bliss for Women by Salvatore Ferragamo, and Wonderstruck for Women by Taylor Swift (sample from Sephora).

Cool Water Summer Dive for Women by Davidoff (3.4 oz $32.00) is described as:

“Cool Water Summer Dive has the similar frothy aquatic feel of the original Cool Water, but here the lavender is more prominent.It has a fizzy opening, and is reminiscent of inflatables & cocktails around a poolside resort in Benidorm.
Notes include: citrus, juniper, sage, mint leaves, iris, water violet”

This is a nice gentle warm fragrance.  It seems sort of pedestrian in its scents, but it is definitely pleasant. Its pretty inexpensive so it is definitely something I’d consider picking up as a “freshen up” sort of scent.

As I wear it, Cool Water Summer Dive, reveals its floral scents – it reminds me of Herbal Essences shampoo scents – which is definitely nice.

Yep, keeping that sample.

Incanto Bliss for Women by Salvatore Ferragamo  (1 oz $24.00) is described as:

“A joyful and exuberant fragrance inviting you to dive head on into the happiness of a sparkling fruity floral fragrance. Incanto Bliss starts off with a burst of brightly colored fruits: Yuzu and fizzy Kumquat illuminate juicy Apple. Tender floral enchantment greets you with a fresh, radiant Freesia melting to a salty, luminescent Water Lily while wild, blooming Rose reveals crystalline facets. An irresistible and enveloping white whirl: intimate and creamy, a soft veil of Musk surrounds you with smooth Sandalwood and an incandescent Cedarwood heart.”

Again, a product I picked for its bottle – how cute is it?  Cute – but how is the scent?

The first thing that hit me (more like smacked me across the face) was that of apples. That scent turned into a floral, lily like scent which wore fairly pleasantly.  I like it – I don’t love it. It is another very modestly priced perfume – so its not like I would be shelling out big bucks but I prefer the summer dive to bliss.

Wonderstruck for Women by Taylor Swift (1 oz $54.00) is described as:

“Wonderstruck is an awe-inspiring feeling. It could be a connection with someone or a rush you get when you experience something magical. Wonderstruck is also a lyric in the song “Enchanted” on Taylor’s album, Speak Now.
In this fragrance, a charming and sparkling surprise of vibrant fruits kisses a bouquet of soft petals and a touch of sweet indulgence.

A perfectly charmed deep purple bottle holds this enchanting fragrance. The iridescent rainbow finish, never before used in the fragrance industry, gives the bottle a magical glow. The Moravian star, dove, and birdcage charms that adorn the bottle were hand-picked by Taylor to evoke her unique style and whimsical flair.

Freesia, Green Tea, Apple Blossom, Raspberry, Dewberry.
Sparkling. Blushing. Enchanted.”

Love is all I have for this fragrance. I was at Sephora and decided I really wanted to try Wonderstruck – they hooked me up with an itty-bitty atomizer and off I went. I have nearly polished off my tiny sample and I want more. This scent is light, a little sweet, very feminine, but not girly. It really does have the berry and floral scents – but again they are muted. It just makes me think “this is how a woman should smell”.  My husband has told me a few times how much he likes it. I sent him a link to it on Sephora – so hopefully he gets the hint – maybe I will get some when we celebrate Valentines Day this weekend.

Check back tomorrow for the last two samples, I promise I saved the best (or most legendary) for last!

FTC Disclaimer: Not affiliated with nor compensated by any of the brands mentioned in this post. Items purchased by me for my own personal use. For more information please review my disclosure policy.


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