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Guess what reported for duty? February 12, 2012

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I just received my 2nd Beauty Army kit!  I ordered this on February 1st – and it got here on the 11th- they said 10 days – they don’t lie. For those who haven’t joined up yet, Beauty Army is a Sample Club where you get to pick 6 samples every month so that you get what you want – instead of what some company thinks you want. Whats even cooler is you have a chance to change your profile as much as you want until you get options you are happy with.

This month there were not as many cosmetic choices as I had hoped for *sob* but I did get to try a few products that have been super popular with people from their kits so that is really neat.

Here is my Kit and here is what I got!



Three Day Flush – Day 3

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Today was day three of the three day flush.

What was in the plan for me today? It was the same as yesterday.

Breakfast – 1 serving of fruit
Morning Snack – 1 serving of fruit
Lunch – 1 serving of fruit
Afternoon Snack – 1 serving of fruit
Dinner –  Protein Shake, 1 baked potato with olive oil, and 3 cups of salad.

Here is what I ended up eating today

Breakfast – 1 medium banana
Morning Snack – 1 cup of pineapple
Lunch – 1 apple and 1 orange
Afternoon Snack – 2 cups of strawberries
Dinner –  Protein Shake, 1 baked potato with olive oil, and 3 cups of salad.

How did it go? (more…)


Fragrances Part 2

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Today is part two of my fragrance reviews. You can view my entire order here. What am I reviewing today?