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Three Day Flush – Day 2 February 11, 2012

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Today was day two of the three day flush. Yay fruit!  I have often noted, throughout my life, that I love fruit and I would eat it all the time if I could (somehow I still don’t incorporate much in my normal diet though); so today was a neat way to see if my expectations would  hold true.

What was in the plan for me today?

Breakfast – 1 serving of fruit
Morning Snack – 1 serving of fruit
Lunch – 1 serving of fruit
Afternoon Snack – 1 serving of fruit
Dinner –  Protein Shake, 1 baked potato with olive oil, and 3 cups of salad.

In the E book I purchased, Jay Robb includes a list of  the most common fruits and what is considered a serving – that was really helpful for me since I never really knew what constituted a serving.

Here is what I ended up eating today

Breakfast – 1 medium banana
Morning Snack – 1 cup of pineapple
Lunch – 1 apple and 1 orange
Afternoon Snack – 1.5 cups of raspberries
Dinner –  Protein Shake, 1 baked potato with olive oil, and 3 cups of salad.

How did it go?  Well it felt more satisfying than yesterday – probably because I got to chew my food. I had 954 calories – which is again a lot lower than my normal daily caloric intake.  For my weight – even to lose weight – I am supposed to eat about 1800 calories. Probably because of that (and because I probably normally eat more than that) my stomach is enlarged, so I am feeling super hungry as a result.  I’m feeling pretty hungry at the end of my day – but not as bad as yesterday. Also I am enjoying my meals a lot more than yesterday.  I still can’t get over how amazing the baked potato tastes.

At the same time as I started the detox, I also started using a body monitoring device called BodyMedia. It tells me how much I should eat, looks at what I did eat (based on what I log), counts my steps, evaluates my sleep, monitors my exercise, and also tells me how many calories I’ve burned each day.

Here is the breakdown it provided based on today’s fruits and veggie diet (based on what I input for my meals):

So as you can see I’m really missing some protein I should be eating (about 10 grams).

If you compare that to yesterday:

Tomorrow will likely look a lot like today’s chart – but that’s okay.  I’m looking forward to eating a little more on Sunday after this diet is over -but I’ll finish my final day of this detox – after-all this is ONLY a 3 day detox.

I’ll report back again tomorrow and let you know how it went!

Please remember that I am NOT a medical professional. I’m just trying a 3 day detox I found on the internet and am only sharing my results based on what happened for me.


Fragrances Part 1

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Remember a few days ago when I ordered a bunch of fragrance samples? They came in today! They were packaged in a super cute little box and they were very secure to prevent them from breaking. They each also have a very easy to read label so I know exactly which sample I’m trying. I’ll review three samples a day – much more than that and I won’t be able to tell the scents apart (yes I know the coffee bean trick) but why rush it? Right?