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Three Day Flush February 10, 2012

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So I was reading a bunch of stuff on Total Beauty and came across an article about a few editors who performed different detox plans.  I figured it would be a great way to kick start my plan to become healthier this year.  One of the detox plans was a “Three day fruit flush” I read through the editor’s reactions to the plan and decided it sounded legit.  I ordered the e-book off the detox creator’s website ($5.00) and started the plan today. I figured I would share with you how my experience went.

Please realize that I am NOT a medical professional. I’m just trying a 3 day detox I found on the internet and am only sharing my results based on what happened for me.

So, Day 1 was today. What did the plan in-tale?

Breakfast – Protein Shake
Morning Snack – Protein Shake
Lunch – Protein Shake
Afternoon Snack – Protein Shake
Dinner – 1 baked potato with olive oil and 3 cups of salad.

I did it a little different (hopefully it won’t mess stuff up)

Breakfast – Protein Shake
Morning Snack – 3 cups of salad
Lunch – Protein Shake
Afternoon snack – baked potato with olive oil
Dinner – Protein Shake
Dessert – Protein Shake

Why did I mix it up? Well, because I work night shifts and this is my day off, during the time I would have had my morning snack, my husband and his friend were eating their dinner in front of me – I needed something to chew.  Then by 11pm I had gotten soooo hungry that I decided I needed the potato NOW. I could barely wait for the potato to finish cooking – but oh my gosh did it hit the spot. I was doubtful since I typically have my baked potatoes loaded with butter and sour cream and bacon (getting hungry again typing this) but I added some garlic powder (it wasn’t on the list but I figured it would be okay). Then I had enough in me to go the rest of the day on liquid.

How did the first day go? well I ate just shy of 1000 calories (982) and by the time I went to bed I was very hungry.  I’m hoping that day 2 will be better since I get to eat solid food for each meal and only have to eat ONE protein shake! I will be eating 4 servings of fruit – hopefully it goes well!  Wish me luck.