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Maybelline Volume Express One by One Review February 8, 2012

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I was cleaning up my hard drive and found a set of photos I didn’t ever post. You guessed it, another mascara.  Unfortunately the photos are not the best, I apologize in advance.

This is the Maybelline Volume Express One by One. The container is almost identical (except in color) to the Falsies.

The color is supposed to be “blackest black” but it really is more of a grey. The closeup of the brush is not the correct coloring, the photo of the brush with the container is the correct coloring.

The brush itself is a plastic elongated football shape. The bristles are plastic and sturdy. The claim by Maybelline is that it declumps and coats all at once. The sturdy bristles seem to make sense for accomplishing this goal.

The formula is pretty thick and does not spread easily.

If you haven’t gotten the gist that this is not my favorite mascara you will understand better why after the break.