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Rimmel Volume Accelerator Mascara Review February 7, 2012

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I got a coupon from Rite Aid for one free Rimmel Product. Obviously I picked a mascara. Being unfamiliar with the brand I just picked the one that looked neatest. The Volume Accelerator claims that its use will make lashes appear 10 times fuller.  The packaging definitely feels like a typical pharmacy brand mascara no better no worse.  I finally got around to checking out the actual product last week.

How does it work? Read more about it after the break



The brush has a very strange shape. One side of it is a sort of typical conical curve but the other side is short flat bristles.  I have been using it so that the flat end is brushed across my lashes first and then afterwards I go back through with the conical shape and pull through again. I don’t know if this was the plan behind the shape but it seems to work ok.

The formula is a liquidy wax. I was not particularly impressed with it. When I applied it it clumped my lashes together making it appear that I had far fewer lashes than I actually have. It did make them look a little longer, but only a little thicker – certainly not 10 times thicker.  It lasted a good 8 hours before flaking, but it did rub off easily if I rubbed my eye lightly.

                                           Before                                                                                     After



Overall it was one of my least favorite mascaras of the last few months.  Would I get it again? No.

What have you not known what to expect but still felt disappointed in?