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Naked 1 Palette February 4, 2012

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I know I am the last kid to class on getting my Naked 1 palette up on my blog – but I was saving it until I could do it right. I had more spare time than usual so I got out the good camera and busted out lightroom.  I’m sure glad I did because if I didn’t there is no way I could have gotten the colors as close as I did (which isn’t perfect even with all the extra care).

Lots of people love their Naked palette, and there is no real question why – the colors are great and the formulas are typical of Urban Decay. Each of the 12 colors are 0.05 oz which is the size of the individually sold shadow singles that retail for $17.00 each.  They are each housed inside of a velvet covered cardboard case.  The palette, when I got it, came with one of the Urban Decay Karma brushes and a sample size of the primer potion.

Inside is a medium sized mirror and all of the colors.  You can do anything from a super neutral eye all the way to a very glam smokey eye.  There are all different types of finishes too. There are some matte, some pearl/shimmer, and a couple heavy glitter shadows.

My skin is pretty fair so the light colors barely show up – they are super pigmented, but if you color with a white crayon on white paper it is just going to be hard to see.   The shimmers (virgin, sin, smog, darkhorse, hustle, gunmetal) are all nice and smooth. They go on pretty thick without working for it.  The matte (naked, buck) to me are a little chalky – but I rarely use matte colors so when you are comparing them to shimmers I guess that is normal.  Then the glitters (sidecar, half baked, toasted, creep) they are similar to the shimmers consistency but they do have some initial fall out. I recommend using a tissue below your eye when applying these colors. Once they are on your eye (over a primer) they stay put.

I love every single color and they all look good on me.   Right now the palette is still selling for $50.00 (the same as the naked 2 palette). I find that they are put into similar color families, like I will use creep and gunmetal together, or hustle and tosted. Half baked, smog, and darkhorse is a really sexy combo, and I will frequently use sidecar and naked for a glitzy neutral.

Whats your favorite Urban Decay color?