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Broadway Nails ImPress press on nails – Over The Moon February 3, 2012

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I liked my last ImPress press on manicure so much that I went out and bought another pattern, Over The Moon. To me the pattern looks like a water marble which is really cool. Here are some photos.

There are three real colors to it, a light gold, a cream purple, and a sparkley deep red. This one lasted a day and a half with no tip wear. I had my first nail jump off after 2 days and my second jump after 3.5 days. Luckily there are extras in the pack so I was able to use some rubbing alcohol to prep my nail and put on the next best fitting size on each. This set also had some rough edges on the tips of the nails that snagged on stuff. I still like these nails and will get them again in the future, but they are not without their faults.