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Science and Beauty January 28, 2012

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Ladies, If you are heading to college here is something you may want to think about, Beauty is Science.  Science doesn’t usually seem all that glamorous but it is what creates glamour. Creating colors that will stay on all day, or a clear gel that will turn to a natural flush when applied to the skin are both chemistry.

Think about the differences between nail polishes. Some will dry instantly, some will be matte, some will not chip-ever.  How do the companies get such different formulas? They have scientists who look all the way down to the molecules to figure out what will happen when they tweak just one little thing.

Then there are all the skincare products, anti-aging creams, anti-rosacia treatments, acne ointments.  All of these are chemically engineered to give the best possible results.

Even if you don’t decide to go into a science field (or already have a career of your own) science can still be helpful.

I mentioned in my last post that fragrances will smell different depending on who wears it.  If you understand the science behind fragrances you understand that you need to know how your fragrances react to you. If you are going to be out in the hot sun you need something that will be ok if you happen to perspire.  You also would then know you probably shouldn’t eat much garlic before wearing a fragrance.

You can also figure out tricks: If you have a thick product that you can’t get out of the bottle you can heat some water and submerge your bottle in that hot water. That simple act will change the viscosity (thickness) of the product in the bottle. The heat will make it less viscous (thinner).

There’s more and I’m sure now you will find science everywhere.

I am unapologetically an engineer – hope this didn’t bore you too much.