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Beauty, Product, Forum, and Review Pet Peeves January 24, 2012

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Ok, so I know that I am not the most read blogger out there. I also know that I have not been in blogging OR the beauty world for very long compared to others. Lately people have really been pushing my buttons.  Skip this entry if you don’t want to see me rant. Read it if you want to know what to avoid if you want people to continue taking you seriously.  Some things that have seemed to happen a lot lately are:

  • People losing patience. A lot of people are complaining at MyGlam, BirchBox and other subscriptions that their products are taking too long to get to them. Know what? It has been a rough winter and even my second day mail has taken over a week to get to me – chances are if you are in Florida and something was shipped from California there will be a delay. Same with if a product is shipped from New York and you live in Washington State – chances are it won’t be the same amount of time as if it were shipped to someone in New Jersey. People, be patient – when you start getting frustrated, read the FAQ and your terms of agreement. If the site says you will be charged immediately and will receive the NEXT month’s box/bag/kit then you should sit quietly and be patient. If you can’t be patient then go to the store and get instant gratification.
  • People using Instagram for EVERYTHING. Ok its cute to have some Artsy photos, but seriously, if I can’t tell if it is orange, red, pink, or purple and you are talking about a product you are doing it wrong! Go ahead and have an artsy photo for the first item of a blog or post, but follow it up with a real photo that actually shows color and texture.  Otherwise you are just hiding behind a filter. ICK.


  • Product reviews that don’t say anything.  “I really like the product – it was neat” great, what have we learned here? NOTHING.  Tell me about the product, was it smooth and creamy, did it smell nice, were you paid for it, is the color unique? I can’t tell if the product is for me or not if I don’t know why it is great. For instance a moisturizer that helps restore natural oils to the face is NOT for me, I have oily and normal skin (a combination) so the last thing I want is oil restored.  I tend to go more towards formula, so if the color is great but the makeup applies horribly I will not like it.
  • Spell out words. If you are talking about Bobby Brown say it. Otherwise without re-reading I may not know if you are talking about her or a beauty balm. You don’t have to write it throughout the whole post but at least once spell it out.
  • Check your spelling! if you are writing about Smashbox and spell it smashebox we will notice and we will all laugh at you.
  • Don’t love everything (I was inspired about this from  You may like many products, but you surely can’t love them all – some of them are going to get thrown into the back of the drawer/bag/box – admit it. If you are going to throw it away, say so and SAY WHY!  If you are being paid for a product or are being compensated in any way and are being instructed to say good things about a product then admit it. I want honest reviews about products. If you want to see what I consider a perfect example of a negative review check this one out:  Christine tells us she was given the product to try, she didn’t like it because it creased nearly immediately, and that it was an expensive premium product that did not stand up to the claims made about it.
  • Don’t hate on a sample size container too much and let it change your mind about the product.  Some people were disliking the BooBoo coverup sample from Beauty Army because it was in a container that looked unprofessional. The idea is to try out the product, not have a professional looking container. How many times have you gotten a fragrance sample in a plastic tube or a tube with a horrible sprayer? You still can tell whether you like the scent or not, but you won’t get the beautifully jeweled or artsy glass container that has the perfectly engineered diffuser or sprayer. The same should be mostly true of other samples.  Now if you are reviewing a full size and hate the container/packaging tell us about it – you are paying for a full size product, packaging is part of that.
  • Don’t wear eyeliner on your lower lash line and NO product anywhere else. you will look tired.
  • Try to respond to your comments if it makes sense to. If a comment is “cool” or “looks nice” I get it, don’t reply, but if you are only getting 10 comments a post and someone is asking a question or offering something, and they took the time to compose a comment – let them know it is appreciated. If you don’t want to hassle with comments then just disable comments.
  • Finally – let me see what you are writing. I’m at your site because I want to see what you have to say! If you are typing in light pink against a white background we can’t see it very well! similarly if you are typing in dark grey against a black background.  The same goes for busy backgrounds. You really need to fade the background. I want to read what you are saying, not study your background photo.

 What are your biggest pet peeves about the internet?