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MyFace Cosmetics Blingtone Eyeshadow in Sp”ice”y Review January 22, 2012

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This is the conclusion of the 6 part series of my new Beauty Army Kit where I review each of my new samples and their relative value.

Today I’m going to share my opinion of the MyFace Cosmetics Blingtone Eyeshadow in Sp”ice”y. I picked this as one of my 6 samples (out of my nine options) from the new Beauty Sample Kit, Beauty Army. This was the item I was most excited about – I love makeup (skincare is great, but not as fun!). So, how did this sample compare?

Lets start with the packaging. it was a clear plastic case. I’ve heard of other people who had theirs end up with the shadow broken, but mine stayed nice and intact. The packaging is not all that amazing, but it is good enough for its purpose. Now lets compare similar priced product’s packaging, Urban decay has the cute Subway Token, Too Faced has the cute flowers, The Balm has cute tins, and Lancome has the slider tops, this product’s packaging is ok, but not up to those standards.

What about the important part, the product?

I have learned through other sources that there are a few different ways to use this product, each with different benefits, so in an attempt to be completely fair to the product I will be showing the results of each of the methods. If you don’t want to read each of them please skip to the conclusion at the end.

Using a brush the product goes on fairly sheer, but can be layered to get more color payoff. I’d suggest using it over another shadow with the same color that you just want to glam up. Here is how it worked on its own. I started with my standard primer, Urban Decay primer potion, and then applied the BlingTone. I applied about 4 layers of the BlingTone and ended up with this result. Also I used Stila Kitten as a highlighter below my brow.

I don’t think I really captured the sparkling nature of this shadow, but the color did come across fairly accurately. After about 6 hours I took the photos below. My normal shadows (stila, smashbox, tarte, urban decay, too faced, lancome) I expect to last about 10 hours without clearly visible creasing if used with a primer. This had very visible creasing after only 6 hours. I suspect this is due to the many layers I had to apply to get any color payoff.

The other problem was the fallout after just a little time. You can’t see it as well in the photos, but the last one shows it best, on the inner corner of my eye there is stray glitter, its not huge problem considering how sparkly this shadow is, but it is still there.

Using your finger the product goes on with lots of pigment. It feels almost like a hybrid between a cream shadow and a pressed powder. The site that suggested the finger method said to skip primer, so I did. I found on my lids it creased within 3 hours (worse than the brush’s 6 hours) which you can see in the second photo below. I did like that there was no real fallout compared to the dry brush.

I tried it the next day with primer beneath it. It worked a little better. The below photo is after 10 hours (even less creasing than the 3 hours without primer.)

Now, on MyFace’s site they suggest trying it wet.
Using a wetted brush the product went on with a TON of pigment. Since I had such bad luck with it without primer I didn’t trust the claims that primer was not needed for the wet application.  The below photos are after about 12 hours of wear. There is very little creasing and lasting pigmentation, and basically no fallout.  I was very satisfied with this application. The only problem is it seems to use a lot of product.  It doesn’t seem like it will last long with that rate of usage.


It would have been helpful for Beauty Army to include that usage information on their site since most shadows are used dry. It also would have helped for MyFace to mention that somewhere on a label, even if it was a peel off label.

Below you can see swatches using the 3 techniques described above. The darkest is the water method, the middle is finger application, and the lightest is 1 layer of brush application. The second photo is a blurry photo that is the only photo of the 30 I took that actually showed the amount of sparkle. (LOVE SHINIES)

Conclusion: As you can tell I REALLY wanted to LOVE it and wanted to give it a completely fair shot; but right now I think I’d hesitate to buy it again at the $20.00 price point. If it were half price ($10.00 or less for the single) I would definitely give it another shot. While I like the color and the sparkle, I am somewhat frustrated with the lack of information about the best application method.  I’ll keep using it for a while longer and I certainly won’t throw it away, but again I don’t know if I’d buy it again.

Do you have an alternate method for application of this specific product that has worked better for you?

Information on sample value
Beauty Army cost/month $12.00
Sample type: Full Size
Sample Size: 0.09 oz
Full Size Size: 0.09 oz
Full size Price: $20.00
Sample Value: $20.00

FTC Disclaimer: Not affiliated with nor compensated by Beauty Army or any of the brands included in the kit. Items purchased by me for my own personal use. For more information please review my disclosure policy.