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LaROCCA Skincare Lip Shield (Proseco) Review January 19, 2012

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Continuing my 6 part series of my new Beauty Army Kit where I review each of my new samples and their relative value.

Today I’m going to share my opinion of the LaROCCA Lip Shield in Proseco. I picked this as one of my 6 samples (out of my nine options) from the new beauty sample kit, Beauty Army.  This was the item I was second most excited about – still makeup – get it?

 Let’s start with the packaging.  It is a normal plastic tube that can be applied by squeezing the product out onto the lips or a finger. This is fairly common even among high end brands including Lancome’s juicy tubes, Urban Decay’s Lip Love, and Smashbox’s O-Gloss. I did like that they gave it a matte finish which is a thing that makes it stand out.

So, yay! I liked the packaging. What did I think about the product.

Let me start by saying, pink is not among my favorite colors, especially something a lot like Barbie, cotton candy, or Pepto Bismal. I’d have probably gone with Rose if I’d had a choice since light pinks usually make me look kinda silly, but I wanted to try it anyway.  On my lips the balm covered my slightly darker lips with near opacity.  On my fair skin my lips sort of disappeared. It might work well over a lipstick.


The formula of this lip shield contains a spf of 8. I don’t think that is especially amazing but it’s better than nothing, right? LaRocca claims “This balm, made with Hyaluronic Acid and Camu Camu, is specifically formulated to deeply moisturize and nourish the skin while helping in protecting against germs and bacteria.” I have no idea if I have been protected against germs and bacteria, but it is nice for piece of mind.  It smells really nice, like a wildberry jolly rancher.

It is the middle of winter right now and I figured, what better time of the year to test a “moisturizing” product than a cold dry winter.  I wore it for 4 days straight before I had to stop. This balm made my tender dry lips no more moisturized than using a beeswax only gloss like Chubby Chap. I had to switch back to using my Blistex for a few days  and then back to my NYC Liquid Lipshine once my lips could handle a gloss/balm again.

I will try it again in the spring when humidity is up again and I’ll update this post then, but for now it is going in my “do not use” drawer (which will be my trash if I try it in the spring and still don’t like it). 

This product would probably be just fine for someone who doesn’t get horribly dry cracked lips that sometimes break open even with the best care, but for me it just doesn’t work.

Information on sample value
Beauty Army cost/month $12.00
Sample type: Full Size
Sample Size: 0.27 oz
Full Size Price: 0.27 oz
Full size Price: $16.00
Sample Value: $16.00

FTC Disclaimer: Not affiliated with nor compensated by Beauty Army or any of the brands included in the kit. Items purchased by me for my own personal use. For more information please review my disclosure policy.