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M.A.D. Skincare Youth Transformation Age Corrective Serum Review January 18, 2012

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I am continuing my 6 part series of my new Beauty Army Kit where I review each of my new samples and their respective value.

Today I’m going to share my opinion of the M.A.D. Skincare Youth Transformation Age Corrective Serum. I picked this as one of my 6 samples (out of my nine options) from the new Beauty Sample Kit, Beauty Army.

I’m in that in-between age where you don’t want skincare for kids, but you don’t really have wrinkles yet. I’d rather err on the side of caution and help prevent any future wrinkles or lines.

M.A.D. claims “daily treatment is the key to great looking skin. Youth Transformation Age Corrective Serum can be used twice a day for improved skin texture and great anti aging results. This multi- stem cell and multi-peptide technology infused serum will be a great choice in your anti aging regimen to have the best possible looking skin. Skin will feel hydrated, moist, plump, nourished and recharged.”

This cream is a thin liquid. I don’t particularly like the way it smells, but once its on and once it soaks in it doesn’t smell so bad. It feels nice on my skin but I haven’t noticed my skin feeling any better than my normal products.

I wouldn’t be adverse to using it again, and I certainly will use the entire sample, but I don’t think I’m going to run out and buy it once the sample is empty – but I am glad I had a chance to try it.

Information on sample value
Beauty Army cost/month $12.00
Sample type: Sample Size
Sample Size: 0.13 oz
Full Size Size: 1.0 oz
Full size Price: $54.00 (M.A.D. skincare)
Sample Value: $7.02

FTC Disclaimer: Not affiliated with nor compensated by Beauty Army or any of the brands included in the kit. Items purchased by me for my own personal use. For more information please review my disclosure policy.