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“Last Chance Review” – Blinc Eyeliner January 16, 2012

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In my  “Last Chance Reviews” it is the very last time I will be using a particular product. Within the review I will explain why – there are various reasons, I didn’t like it and thus am throwing it out before I really used it much, I ran out and didn’t feel like buying another, or I used it so much that when I went to buy another I learned it was discontinued.



Today I bring you Blinc eyeliner in black.  I have a subscription to BirchBox and in my December box I got Blinc Eyeliner. I was super excited because I have their mascara (soon to have a review) and their eyelash curler, both are great products! If I were to say I had a normal use eyeliner it would be my Tarte EmphasEyes but I’m always open to trying new ones. I figured this product would blow me away. It is waterproof, smudgeproof, and liquid.

The formula is a fairly thin liquid and the brush is about the length of my thumb nail which makes it a little too long to control easily. I don’t know if it is because of the sample size or if the full size is this way too, but lots of product gets on the wand which ends up on my face and fingers – annoying.  Another thing I don’t like about it is how when you put it on it sets nearly immediately which means if you make a mistake you have to really work to get it cleaned up, whereas most of my other waterproof liners give me a little time where I can attack the mistake with a q-tip.  I suppose if you are an expert at applying liner and never need to clean up mistakes then this would actually be a good thing since it would dry and not smudge quickly.

Another thing I don’t like is getting it off. Since I shower in the morning I don’t typically have “lots of hot water” to get on my eye to apply both warm water and force as the removal instructions indicate. I can’t use just normal makeup remover to get it off.  What I’ve had to do is warm up my makeup remover pads in my hands for awhile and then use them.

I’ve used it a few times but at this point I’ve decided it is just not for me so it is gone.

Was it bad enough to throw out immediately? Nearly

Will I ever buy it again? NO

I kept it because I wanted to give it a chance and try to like it.

Overall Impression: it just didn’t work for me.

What do you think?

What products would you get rid of that you’ve held on to?

FTC Disclaimer: Not affiliated with nor compensated by Birchbox or any of the brands included in the box. Items purchased by me for my own personal use. For more information please review my disclosure policy.