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Anastasia Illumin8 with Youghful Synergy™ Review October 20, 2011

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Today I bring you the Anastasia Illumin8 with Youghful Synergy™ palette. I chose palette number 1 when I bought this product. The colors really seemed to be more me than the other palettes – also they had more colors as some of the palettes “duo” space only held one color. Anyway this palette holds 8 different colors. Starting from left to right there are (my descriptions – there are no names on the packaging): Matte Beige, Shimmery Beige, Shimmery Dusty Rose, Shimmery Brownish Burgundy, Shimmery Pepto Bismal Pink, Shimmery dusty brown, Shimmery lavendar, and Shimmery eggplant.  None of the Shimmers are incredibly shiny – though the beige does come the closest.

Lets see if I liked it and how much.

Usually I start with the product but for this one I want to start with the packaging. You first open the box it comes in and you are like “ooooh, ahhh, I like shiny things!” and then it hits you as soon as you touch the palette for the first time – this darn thing is going to look horrible after just one use!  The mirror finish is a nice idea – but until someone can pull it off without it getting super fingerprints then it should just be stopped.  One of the good things on the packaging is the super duper full mirror. I can actually see both eyes at once in this one, and the clarity is really good! In the above first photo I tried to clean the palette as much as possible but I have been using it for a couple months – so it didn’t clean great. For the second photo I took my thumb and lightly pressed it on the case so you could see how obvious fingerprints are.

Now lets discuss the formula(s). The first two are the only ones that seemed vastly different than the rest.

The matte beige, for me got those little hard rough spots that form – reminiscent of what happens to me on drug store brand shadows. I have to scrape it off every once in awhile. It is fairly sheer and on my skin tone nearly invisible. I am really pale so I’m not sure who it would show up on – perhaps it is intended to act as a blending color. Anyway – this color is NOT very buildable.

The next color is the shimmer beige. On my skin it comes out more like a gold. The formula feels like it wants to jump out of the palette and live on my skin. It comes out full on shiny and completely opaque. It blends down well and can be semi transparent if applied with a light hand.

The final 6 colors all have average color payoff but are buildable. The colors are all true to the palette except for the brownish burgundy, which shows on my skin more brown than red. All six blend great and wear ALL day with a primer.

Anastasia also claims that the Youghful Synergy™ makes it so that your lids look less aged. I don’t know if it works or not – I have not personally noticed any difference, but the photos on their website sure look neat.

For the look I’m wearing in the photos I used the Pepto Bismal pink under my brow bone, the brownish burgundy in the outer corner and along the lash line, and the dusty rose on the remainder of the lid. It makes for a nice, but work appropriate smoky eye.

Have you tried these before? Which colors do you like?

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