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Nails for a cure October 7, 2011


Every Friday this month I will be doing my nails in a color or scheme related to Breast Cancer Awareness.

As you may know October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. If you are at a grocery store and there is a choice between the normal packaging and pink packaging – grab the pink because during this month those special products typically have some amount of the profit donated to one of the breast cancer charities.

If you want a quick easy way to donate money click this link. I’ve got my two favorite charities here (this is also my bridal registry – I just want donations to breast cancer research). I am NOT a pink person, but for my mom, and

survivors like her I will wear pink – even on my nails.

And here they are! These are a lovely magenta that has a tiny bit of a blue tint depending on the angle. I don’t recall the color’s name but I will replace this sentence once I find out.

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Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Gel Cream Liner Review

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My favorite drug store brand remains Physicians Formula. I have been using today’s product for months now, but not talked about it too much. It is the Shimmer Strips custom eye enhancing gel cream liner for Green Eyes.

What is it, you ask? It is a set of 3 cream/gel eye liners that compliment your eye color – so you buy the set for the color your eyes are (green, blue, brown, hazel). My eyes (as you’ve probably noticed from the mascara comparisons) are green – so I bought the green set.

This particular set has three colors, matte green, matte purple, and black with green sparkles – very subtle sparkles. They come in three little pots that have caps that allow them to attach to each other – I consider them lego’s for adults.  Some people have siad they have trouble getting these apart, but truly, you just pull really hard and they come off – you won’t break anything (you can also try prying with a screwdriver or butter knife).

Unlike many stack-able potted products these each have their own caps instead of using the bottom of the next product as a cap, which allows you to throw just one in your purse or keep them all together – whichever you want.