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Diorshow Blackout Waterproof Mascara – Review October 6, 2011

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Today I bring you the first “high-end” mascara I ever bought. I’m nearing its expiration date and I wanted to share how awesome it is before I have to throw it out! When I took the makeup lessons I referred to in previous posts I also went on a personal shopping trip with the instructor. She told me that if I was to buy just one thing that day it should be this mascara.

Did I end up agreeing?

Lets start with the brush. It is definitely not as intimidating as some of the mascaras I’ve reviewed but it is nice and sturdy. The tapered end makes it easy to get to the inner and outer corner lashes, but the depth of the bristles makes it very hard to get the lower lashes without getting your skin as well.

The formula? It is a thick consistency, similar to Jiffy Peanut butter – too bad it doesn’t smell like peanut butter – er…I’d probably try eating it if it did.  The thick formula coats the lashes nicely and adds volume as well as some length. It holds a curl moderately well and lasts a good 10 hours before things start getting flaky. It is indeed waterproof – however don’t cry too much or it will eventually start getting clumpier. Speaking of clumpy, the distance between the bristles in the wand are a bit too big for my taste and lead to some clumping of my lashes. It’s not a horrible spider leg looking clump but it is still a clump nonetheless.  Due to the thickness it is a heavier formula than others, but I still have some natural feel to my lashes unlike others.

Here are some Before and after shots for you to get an idea of how it looks.

                              Before                                                                                     After


Please excuse my horribly untidy eyebrows – I went to get them threaded the day after I took this photo.

Back to my instructor’s comment – Mascara – to me – is a MUST. I rarely go without it, and if I can only do two pieces of makeup in my day it will be Mascara and Eyebrow powder. Having a waterproof mascara is also a must, there are times – especially in Seattle – where your face will get wet. When your face does get wet the last thing you want to look like is The Joker from Batman.

Is this particular mascara a must? No

Would I recommend it to someone looking for a black waterproof mascara? Absolutely

Would I buy again? Probably – I still want to try others and see what’s out there.

What do you think? What is a must in your makeup routine?

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