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Tarte Mascara – Lights, Camera, Splashes! – Review September 18, 2011

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Today we’ll be looking at Tarte’s Lights, Camera, Splashes! mascara. Since I never use up my mascaras before they need to be discarded I ordered Sephora’s Give Me Some Lash set which gave me 6 mascaras and a primer. I recently opened this one up and have been using it occasionally.

As usual, we’ll start with the brush. This has the typical cylindrical brush with a slight taper at the end. It is somewhat difficult for me to get the outside and inside lashes, but it is do-able and does just fine on the lower lashes.

This formula is very different than any mascara I’ve tried before. It is actually somewhat liquidy as you might be able to tell from the swatch on my arm. It is nice though, because it is thin enough that it doesn’t clump and allows the brush to easily separate lashes.  Also as a result of the viscosity of the mascara, it is not very lengthening or volumizing, but it holds a curl really well!

This mascara is waterproof, and they weren’t kidding. I had a sad event a few hours after I took the pictures and even with loads of crying and wiping my eyes and stuff, this mascara did not budge.

One really different and nice thing about this mascara is that once it is on, it doesn’t feel like you are wearing mascara. It is super light weight, and if you touch your lashes they don’t feel much different than they normally do.

Here are my before and after shots. If you are curious how this holds up compared to other mascaras I’ve used, checkout the mascara comparison page.

                                BEFORE                                                                                        AFTER

As you can see, this mascara gives just a nice natural look. Its perfect for going to the beach or the gym, or anywhere you want to go where you don’t want to look like you are wearing makeup.

Would I buy this again? At $18.00 for the tube I’d definitely consider it – especially since the full size product is in an adorable sailor costume.  I will wait until I am out of mascaras though.

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