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A different kind of hair feathers September 14, 2011

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At the top of my blog (just under the blog name) I claim this is a site about feeling beautiful. The obvious is that this is all about cosmetics and similar things. Yes, that is what I do most of the time – but not all the time! As some of you know I will be getting married in November! *Squeel* That is what spurred me to think about what makes me feel beautiful.

Today I bring you an item from my upcoming wedding attire. This is my hairpiece thing – it is not a veil, nor is it quite a hat, nor is it a barrette.  Anyone know what to call it? Anyway it is all different types of feathers and at the end is a diamond shaped pendant with tons of shiny crystals. On the back is an alligator clip.  I will be doing my hair in a side swept pony tail with curls and this will go over it and onto part of the back of my head.

What do you think? Are you jealous yet?

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