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Lancôme Hypnôse Drama Mascara Review September 10, 2011

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  Part of my free gift with purchase was this Hypnôse Drama Mascara. I was super excited to try this, I’ve heard great things about the Lancôme  mascara lines and you know I love my Lancôme products. I had to hold myself back from testing this until my mascara I kept at work ran out.

This sample of the Hypnôse Drama mascara in Extreme Black is 0.135 Fl oz. The full size is 0.22 Fl oz and is available for $25.00 just about anywhere Lancôme is sold. This sample (as with the “Blues” palette) is a very generously sized sample.

Ok – great size sample- but how does it work you ask?

Lets start with the brush. This has to be one of the scariest looking brushes ever, it curves every which way. As you rotate it around some areas have long dense bristles and other areas have short dispersed bristles (and everything between those extremes seems to be there too!). Even with the daunting shape I jumped right in (almost forgetting to take my before pictures).  This wand is scary – and scary easy to use. Wiggling and twisting up was a breeze and the slight taper at the end of the brush worked great for detail work at the corners of my eyes and on the lower lashes.  When I got a clump I’d simply rotate the brush a quarter or half turn, try those new bristles, and inevitably the clump would be combed out!

Lets take a look at the before and after photos while I get into the formula.

                                  BEFORE                                             AFTER

Can we say wow?!

The formula is nice. It is thick but not clumpy or overly dense. It goes on really smooth and any clumps it does leave come off nice and easy.   For whatever reason I’m used to my mascaras leaving my lashes still somewhat flexible.  These were hard after application almost as if I had taken hairspray and sprayed my lashes with it.

This mascara is great.

Would I buy it again? Probably, but I’m going to keep sampling other mascaras first, but this will live happily at work replacing my old mascara.

What do you think?

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