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First “Last Chance Review” – Anastasia Lash Lifting Mascara September 3, 2011

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To kick things off I want to celebrate. Yesterday I reached 30 page views and my first ever subscriber!  When I hit 25 subscribers I will do a give-away of something.

On to the material I had intended to discuss. I’m going to start an occasional segment called “Last Chance Review” which means it is the very last time I will be using a particular product. Within the review I will explain why – there are various reasons, I didn’t like it and thus am throwing it out before I really used it much, I ran out and didn’t feel like buying another, or I used it so much that when I went to buy another I learned it was discontinued.  This new segment is spurred by the show “Hoarders”. My fiance just discovered the show and is now quite engrossed in it. Because of this show I’ve decided to not hold on to makeup I won’t be using any longer (or is empty).

Today I bring you Anastasia Beverly Hills Lash Lifting Mascara in Black.  I received this mascara as part of the “all about eyes” set at Sephora.  I keep a stash of makeup at work so that when I’m running late in the morning I can do my makeup after I get there. This mascara made its way into that stash and has been used most work days for the last 2 months. Mascara has a shelf life of between 2 and 5 months depending on what resource you are consulting. I just had LASIK about 3 months ago so I need to be more careful than the average person.

This mascara is being thrown out for a few reasons.

  1. It has been used for 2 months and I don’t need bacteria in my eye while it is still healing.
  2. It stopped making that popping sound when I pull the wand out.
  3. It is running out of product (not empty by any means, but running low)
  4. It is not my favorite mascara

Here are 2 sets of before and after pictures of its application:

BEFORE                                                                                   AFTER


BEFORE                                                                                   AFTER

I tried my hardest to take the photos at the same angle so you’d get as true to life a  photo as possible.

Okay, as you can see my lashes are a medium brown color naturally and of average length and number. This mascara does add a nice dark black color and makes them appear longer. It does clump fairly annoyingly and also leaves little deposits of the waxy formula randomly on the lashes which is hard to remove without messing everything up.

The wand works OK in the inner and outer most lashes, but not great and has a fairly blunt end. It also is very hard to use on my lower lashes whereas my DIOR mascara I have at home is easy to apply on the lower lashes.

The formula is is thick and waxy and takes a lot of effort and wiggling to apply completely and uniformly.

After about 10 hours it starts flaking and feeling clumpy and heavy – which is an issue for me with my 12 hour work days, and I have lots of mascara that can last the whole day.

I use eyedrops, and while this is NOT waterproof mascara, I do expect it to last through a TINY bit of liquid that is not rubbed – it doesn’t.

Was it bad enough to throw out immediately? NO

Will I ever buy it again? NO

I kept it because it was ok, and I could use it, but I’m throwing it out because I didn’t love it and it was close enough to being expired and used up.

Overall Impression, for a “high end” mascara it didn’t perform as nicely as I’d like. I expected better from the Eye expert Anastasia. I have many other mascaras I’ve used before and prefer to this one, including less expensive drug store brands.

If you like how it looks though, it is available at both Sephora  or for $22.00

What do you think?

What products would you get rid of that you’ve held on to?

FTC Disclaimer: Not affiliated with nor compensated by Anastasia or any store mentioned. Items purchased by me for my own personal use. For more information please review my disclosure policy.