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L’OREAL Wear Infinite 320 Greens Review August 5, 2011

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Its Friday!!! Yay, as RB says “Fun Fun Fun Fun, Lookin forward to the weekend” ok enough with you-tube songs.

Today I bring you something from my stash that I had BEFORE I discovered Sephora – yes I know Sephora existed before I discovered it – ok bad joke.  Yes, back to my drugstore beauty products phase (from when I was a kid to ~6 months ago), I like the “match your eye color” stuff since I love my eyes, and I  like making them pop, and while I know the basics of a color wheel I am by no means an artist – so they are helpful. I picked out the “L’OREAL Wear Infinite Studio Secrets Professional Eye Shadow” in 320 Greens. It claims to be for Green/Hazel eyes. I know my pictures kinda stink but my eyes are GREEN and many companies like to clump that into Hazel with Green – but that’s far better than the ones that pretend Green Eyes don’t exist *thanks Smashbox*.

Ok, first, that name is far too long to write every time so I’ll call it 320 Greens. 320 Greens is a 4 color compact that contains 0.04 oz of each color, helpfully numbered to assist with those who are makeup challenged.  I don’t use this compact a lot, but it has made it into my purse a good 20 times, so you can see from the photo that while the case is still in one piece the “pretty” chrome detailing now looks ugly.  Why on earth would you put your product in a package that will look bad LONG before the product is used up. Anyway, this case is very small, small enough for a pocket – as you will see below with a quarter as a reference. These are smooth to the touch but not easy to get a lot of color from and they come with a sponge applicator. I can’t quite describe the finish – somewhere between matte and shimmer, like the back side of a piece of satin.


As I mentioned before these are not very pigmented, but the above photo is after about 6  hours of wear with primer and it looks just about the way it did when I put it on this morning. No creasing – those are actual creases in my eyelid.   I kinda sorta followed the instructions on the back of the packet except I used the green (3) on my lid and the purple (4) in my crease since I prefer my gel/cream liner.  When I bought these they were on the expensive side for a drug store (so I thought they should be good) around $8.00.  They don’t have this exact one in production anymore. It has been replaced with “” which appears similar, though you may still be able to find this one at your local drug store since I only bought it about 8 months ago.

I do like that it lasts all day with a primer and doesn’t crease. I don’t like that it has very little pigmentation. I also don’t like that they don’t blend especially well. I do like how small/portable the quad is, and how neutral the colors are so that they work for any occasion.

Do I regret the purchase – of course not. Would I buy this again – no I truly and honestly believe -now- that you get what you pay for, and the neutral eye palette that I discussed yesterday was a higher quality and more product (0.39 oz compared to 0.16 oz) I like some of the colors that L’OREAL puts out, but at this point I can’t see myself spending that money – I’d rather wait and save for a higher end more pigmented purchase.

FTC Disclaimer: Not affiliated with nor compensated by L’Oreal. Items purchased by me for my own personal use. For more information please review my disclosure policy.