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Pixi Wakeup Kit Review and Swatches July 30, 2011

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I was ordering a double barrel curling iron from Target and was about $30 away from free shipping and shipping was going to cost $20 so I figured I’d just buy something else for myself.  I had been wanting to try Pixi, the “upscale” brand at Target and they had a Weekday Wakeup Kit that I’d wanted. Well at Target they showed the photo of the “Weekday Wakeup Kit” and so I ordered it.  Evidently I should have read better because the description did not match the photo, and instead I got the “Wakeup Kit” which is quite different – thanks a-lot Target.

Anyway, this Wakeup Kit by Pixi contains 2 Eyeshadow Primers, 18 Eyeshadows, 4 colors of blush, and 8 lipglosses. All of the eyeshadows are shimmery and one of the blushes is shimmery.


Lets start with the blushes, (I numbered the palette above for ease of identification) #1-4. These feel like suede. They are nice and soft and spread evenly.  To get the color on the swatches I had to build the color, and it easily went away. When I applied it to my face over my powder foundation it didn’t want to stick and it barely appeared at all. I had used 4 as a contouring and 2 on the apples of my cheek and 1 just under my eye as a brightener.

Next up are the two primers  #5 and #6 – on me they do not work. After about 4 hours I get deep creases in the shadow I’ve applied over them.   They have a texture that at first feels like a lip gloss but once it is applied to the skin it feels like chalk.  I think I will likely never use these two items ever again.

Onto the eyeshadows. As you can see from the photos of the palette each of the shadows has some shimmer to them. In the swatches they all look super shimmery, and that – I apologize- is due to the harsh artificial light I was in today. They shimmer, yes, but not more than Urban Decay’s “Sin”.  As to the formula…among most higher end brands, Dior, Lancome, Nars, Mac, Stila, Urban Decay etc., there is some variation from one color to the next as far as texture and blendability (within the same style of shadow for example pressed powder). These Pixi shadows are all over the place with formula changes as obvious as comparing Nars with Urban Decay.

As you will see from the swatches some gave great coverage, but most were fairly sheer. Some felt chalky while others were smooth and luxurious.  I’ll describe each one and I will leave off “shimmer” since they all are.

#7 ecru – feels like it looks, almost like a marshmello, it is super soft, but REALLY sheer. You will have to layer this stuff on to get it to show up – or use some super sticky primer.

#8 dusty rose – smooth and sheer, goes on nice and blends well – but really what sheer doesn’t blend well?

#9 taupe – feels very similar to #7, suer sheer and looks a little pink once applied.

#10 light gold – soft but almost has a chalky feel to it too. It doesn’t go on smooth but it does blend into a nice sheer so it looks smooth once it’s blended

#11 antique rose – this one kinda was also smooth but also had a little of a sticky/slick feeling to it. It had slightly more pigmentation to it, but not much.

#12 beige – has a creamy feeling to it and is also just as sheer as the rest of them.

#13 pale pink – This one feels chalky – it goes on smooth but it goes away super quick

#14 pink – this one actually feels more chalky than 13. It is slightly less sheer than the others, but its such a light color it barely shows up, also the shimmer doesn’t really show up.

#15 bronze – clumpy – it gathers in clumps when you remove the color from the pots, but it goes on pretty smooth and it also is *finally* not sheer unless you really blend at it.

#16 pepto bismal – I like this one, it is smooth and creamy and like #15 not sheer until it is blended!

#17 brownish pink – half chalky half chunky, but it smooths out once its on, but goes sheer pretty quick.

#18 Mauve – pink and pretty but it does not like to come out of the pot. It is medium as far as pigmentation.

#19 Dark Antique rose – fairly smooth, medium coverage, still  blends nicely

#20 pinkish grey – This one is sort of creamy and goes on heavy but somehow becomes sheer without doing anything to make it so.

#21 Gold – This is a neat color but a chalky consistency. Its coverage is medium

#22 golden bronze – this is nearly identical to #15 but just comes out a tiny itty bitty bit pinker

#23 plum – really smooth, goes on easy and kinda on the heavy side. Luckily it does blend easily.

#24 grey – is somehow both smooth and chalky. It goes on medium and like the rest can blend nicely or away to nearly nothing.

After being frustrated with the coverage of each of these I did determine that they can be used wet to create a foiled look that is NOT sheer and looks quite nice. The colors look much more true to the colors you see inside the palette.

Finally we can get to the lip gloss.  These are nice glosses, fairly sticky, but they last for a good 2-3 hours. Like some of the eye colors it can take some digging to get the color out of the pot and onto your lip. They are all quite pretty, and go nicely with my skin tone.  Mostly all the colors just give a tiny tint hinting at the colors you see above. To get any color to show up you’d need to get a ton of product on your lips.


On my eye I’d used #5, 7, 8, 11, and 23. As I mentioned, on my cheek I had used #4 as a contouring and #2 on the apples of my cheek and #1 just under my eye as a brightener. After I’d finished swatching my glosses I swirled them together and put them on my lip, so that’s what they all look like smushed together.

Will I use it? Yes. Will I buy more Pixi, probably not.  What’s your take?

FTC Disclaimer: Not affiliated with nor compensated by Target or Pixi. Items purchased by me for my own personal use. For more information please review my disclosure policy.