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At the airport July 18, 2011

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Today I have to travel from Seattle to St. Louis. I’ll be flying Alaska Air. So far I’ve breezed through I checked in last night online to secure my seat. My fiancé is sick so I took a towncar to the airport. Then, since I had checked in last night, I went straight to baggage check. Security was the longest line but I didn’t have to go through the body scan thing, so that was nice. Now I am sitting at Wolfgang puck express waiting for my breakfast sandwich and beer! How funny is it to have beer with breakfast?





Anyway, here are some tips to ensure your trip goes as smooth as mine has so far.



-check the TSA website before you leave, even if you are a frequent traveler the rules change often and so do the awareness levels.

-wear as little metal as possible, necklaces, earrings, belts, underwires rings all are metal and the more there is, the more likely you are to set off the metal detector.

-this is not the time to wear your greecian shoes, the more buckles and laces you have the more you will annoy people behind you in security check and annoy yourself trying to balance one one leg putting them back on.

-pack the night before, if you pack the day of you will miss something and be really annoyed when you get there without your favorite jeans.

-be polite, pleases and thank you’s get you a long way at the airport, have you ever seen a TSA agent smile? Wish them a good day!

-don’t say stupid things, this is not the place to discuss terrorists. People will notice and detain you.

-Wear something comfortable, you will likely be crammed between two horribly obese people, you may as well have comfy clothes on.

-bathe and wear deoderant. You may be someone who doesn’t usually need it, but on an Airplane you have a greater chance of needing it, and the people near you will be grateful.

-if possible pick put the craziest luggage you can, nearly everyone travels with a black or navy blue one, so if yours is highlighter yellow you will have no problem picking it out at the end of the flight.

-pack smart, if you are going for 2-3 days you shouldn’t need as much as a 7 day trip, if you are on a trip where your carry on is a 19″ suitcase and your personal item is a 17″ suitcase, just pay the $20 and check one. Things really will go better if you do that you won’t be that person who has to figure out where to put your suitcase when there are no more spots left.

I’m on the airplane now and everything has gone smoothly. I’m about 30 mins from my destination. When I get off the flight my first stop will be the second ladies room I come across, the first is always full of others on the flight. After that down to baggage claim, one of my pet peeves is the people who insist on standing as close as possible to the carousel as if it would make their bag come faster; I’ll just find somewhere where I can see the bag entrance and I’ll excuse myself into the crowd when I see my plum hardside suitcase.

What are your favorite travel tips?